Site Update – comment box fixed

I was contacted by a friend who wanted to post a comment. But there was no comment box on the page. Searching WordPress forums, I found that there are conflicts with some plug-ins and various themes. My conflict was CKeditor. This HTML plug-in for enhancing the WYSIWYG interface. CKeditor works great, but the conflict is unacceptable. My solution if I need the extras within CKeditor , is just to turn the plug-in on or off as needed. Keeping it off as default.

Website changes

Many times in the past I have tried to post more regularly. I now see that the site needs to change, if this is to happen. So with this in mind, the categories will change and more emphasis will be placed on tags. A tag “cloud” will be added. Many more reviews of products or services will be added. I hope to include many other areas of interest.

My site has been mostly patriotic. I love this, but it now needs to be more diverse.

Site update

Today I gave into temptation and joined the crowd so to speak. Instead of focusing on a patriotic theme, I have decided to post reviews and opinions of information technology products. That being new gadgets and computer products. Also I will be posts reviews of trucking related products. The web sightings page was deleted to make way for these two new pages. I hope to make new posts weekly, however no promises made.