Review: Wilson Trucker Mirror Mount Cellular Antenna (301101)

From the site:

Works great on trucks, RV’s, cars, boats, homes, or almost any other application. No ground plane required – Built-in ground plane allows for use on any surface – metal, fiberglass, wood, etc. 19 inch fiberglass mast raises antenna above obstructions. Mounting options available for any application. Fits standard 3/8 inch x 24 threaded mount.

List Price: $69.95 US

My Review Recommendation [5 STARS] Buy it!

Works great mounted on the mirror. Adds about two bars to signal strength. Six months of use as of this posting, show no signs of wear.

You will have to get an adaptor to fit your phone, but the are only ten bucks or so and  are usually carried by dealers that sell this antenna. You are wired to the antenna, so not as mobile in the truck as without. (This can be solved with either a bluetooth headset, or a mobile amplifier added to this antenna.)

I use this antenna to boost the strength on my PC5750 mobile internet card. It works the same as a cell phone.

I paid about $40 US on eBay.

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